Fabulous skin & facials

Give yourself, or someone you (really) love, the gift of rejuvenation, with a luxurious spa treatment from Envy.


Our Spa packages are designed for all budgets and all bodies; guaranteed to leave you feeling properly pampered and serene.

For a mini-break in your daily routine and a quick Refresh – right through to a heavenly Renew treatment – our range of services will help you unwind, relax and let go of it all.

Each of Envy’s treatment beds come fully equipped with extra padding and electric blankets, to really plush up the comfort. And of course, we prepare with crisp, clean sheets and fresh towels for each and every client.

Scan & Plan Consultation | $45

30 mins
Embrace your inner beauty, and uncover the hidden secrets of your skin, with an in-depth, pain-free and fast skin-consultation – completed by Envy’s experts. Together, we can quickly and accurately identify the critical issues that might be affecting your skin’s health, using the latest technology – with the Dermograph Skin Scanner. On completion, you’ll receive a comprehensive Dermograph Report; assessing six key indicators of your skin’s health – along with a personalised treatment and home-care plan, designed to get your skin glowing.

Express Discovery Facial | $89

30 min
When time is short – discover the joy and convenience of Envy’s signature Express Discovery Facial. Starting with a double antioxidant cleanse, and followed with our cranberry-enriched exfoliation, to awaken your skin, it’s the perfect way to treat yourself in a flash.
Your 30-minute power-pamper includes:
● An Envy treatment mask
● Your very own skin serum blend
● A nourishing moisturiser, and…
● SPF to hydrate and protect
This treatment is guaranteed to leave you with beautifully smooth and nourished skin. If you’d like something a little extra, feel free to enhance your Express Discovery Facial with any of our dynamic skin service upgrades.

Heavenly Spa Facial | $150

1 hour
Don’t Envy; Serenity awaits. Our Heavenly Spa Facial means you can enjoy a truly indulgent facial pampering – as only Envy knows how to do. Featuring our signature range of treatments including:
● A double antioxidant spa cleanse
● Our cranberry-enriched exfoliation; to purify and awaken the skin
● Your own individualised cocktail blend of masks, enzyme peels, serums and hydrators – to calm and nourish the complexion
● All finished off with a detoxifying wellness massage; to relax your face, neck and shoulders
Total relaxation is assured with this heavenly treatment; and comes fully upgradable with any of our dynamic skin services

Mindfulness Facial Retreat | $169

1 hour
Escape to your place of inner peace. Retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and gain a new focus, with a guided mindfulness session and facial treatment, to Envy. Carefully planned out to calm, refresh, and ultimately inspire you to ‘choose your tude’ – the Envy Mindfulness Facial Retreat is a facial experience like no other. Bringing together deep cleansing exfoliation, with a tension relieving face, neck and shoulder massage – combined with mindful massage balm, facial mask and signature meditation session – this is truly something special.

Lymphatic Therapy Tightening Mask | $170

1 hour & 30min
An often overlooked but vital treatment. The Lymphatic Therapy Tightening Mask is designed by Envy to work specifically with your circulatory system – an important player in keeping your skin’s health at its peak. The Lymphatic System is responsible for removing waste – the things we don’t need – and in nourishing our cells and tissues with a healthy blood supply. When these systems work together – by giving and receiving in unison – homeostasis is achieved, and you become balanced. This is a great treatment to give your body in between therapeutic facial treatments.

Microhydrabrasion | $120

This is our most popular deep cleansing facial! Thanks to the latest advances in skin treatment, aggressive dermabrasion is now a thing of the past. With a gentle yet thoroughly effective two-step system; beginning with a diamond-tipped exfoliation and stimulation, before an aloe-infused water pore flush – your skin is sure to be left feeling smooth, refreshed, hydrated and envied! Our Microhydrabrasion also Includes:
● A double antioxidant spa cleanse
● Followed by our nourishing balm and SPF for protection
Enjoy this incredible facial solo, or choose to add ‘Micro’ to your next facial – for beautifully healthy results!

LED Light Therapy | $75 add on upgrade $50

Stimulating the natural renewal process of your skin. LED Therapy – or light-emitting diode – is now at the cutting-edge of skin technology, and is being widely used to repair cosmetically damaged skin, reduce facial redness and strengthen the lipid barrier. It also happens to be relaxing, completely pain-free with zero-downtime – and can help with symptoms of anxiety and stress. By stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis, LED Therapy can also reduce bacterial infections – like acne, and rosacea. Using a variety of coloured light to target different areas, LED can be enjoyed as a stand-alone treatment, or added to your next facial – to accelerate healing and improve results

Many of our spa packages can be customised to include upgrades and enhancements – as you desire. Feel free to speak with our Salon Coordinator, to curate your very-own ultimate day spa experience.

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Full face


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Full face, neck & Decolletage

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Decolletage & neck


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Pro Dermal Planning

Describes skin treatments designed to be performed in-clinic by a skin therapist to treat and correct a vast array of skin concerns and conditions, with results maintained at home.
Enzyme peels are a blend of natural fruit acids and one of the gentlest methods of exfoliation. Applied to the skin like a mask, the enzymes work like microscopic pac-men to naturally breakdown redundant cells on the surface and reveal fresh glowy skin underneath. Expect to feel slight warmth and tingling as those are natural responses from your skin cells’ being awoken. These PDPs then gradually increase in strength to address specific concerns and only once the skin has reached a level of health and balance that it can handle stronger more active ingredients, ensuring the best level of comfort and results for our clients. PDP offers booster treatments based on these medical strength actives to work skin deep, returning its normal skin function and cell optimisation.

A course of treatments once a week for 6 to 8 weeks is normally sufficient to change the cells’ behaviours and a monthly maintenance treatment thereafter keeps them on track.

Pomegranate Enzyme Peel

The ideal entry-level peel for all skin types, including sensitive skins

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

Effective yet gentle peel for all skins, especially sun damage, ageing and uneven skin tone

Oxygenating Enzyme Peel

Natural fruit peel with papaya, pumpkin and pomegranate enzymes all in one, intense oxygenation and glowing skin pick-me-up

Bio-White Peptide Peel

High strength Vitamin C and peptide peel, especially for pigmented, dull and uneven skin tones

Catalyst Retinol Peel

The master anti-ageing peel, Vitamins A, B3 and AHA skin correction treatment for most skins

Alpha-Beta Peel (King of Acids)

Serious skin resurfacing peel, made from concentrated levels of lactic acid, AHA, BHA and Vitamin B3 (nb: not for the fainthearted and not recommended close to a big event or before special occasion)


This revolutionary micro-needling device aims to tighten, lift and rejuvenate skin, and has been proven to effectively treat and visibly improve the appearance of:
– fine lines
– wrinkles
– surgical, acne and trauma scars
– stretch marks
– pigmentation
– and much, much more!